Module 5:  Quebec and Confederation
Unit 1:   Origins and Terms of the B.N.A. Act (Confederation)
Topic 1: Causes for Confederation
Topic 2: Steps leading towards Confederation
Topic 3: Characteristics of the B.N.A. Act
Unit 2:   Problems Created by Canada's Growth
Topic 1: Territorial Expansion
Topic 2: Métis Rebellions
Topic 3: Federal-Provincial Relations
Unit 3:   John A. Macdonald and the National Policy
Topic 1: Purpose and Key Elements
Unit 4:   Quebec's First Phase of Industrialization (1867-1896)
Topic 1: Factors leading to Industrialization
Topic 2: Characteristics of the First Phase
Unit 5:   Social Changes in Quebec
Topic 1: French Canadian Emigration
Topic 2: Urbanization
Topic 3: Unionization