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About This Site

The History Resource Center is for the students of the History of Quebec and Canada course. 
Use our Review Lessons, Practice Questions, and Study Tips on a regular bases to increase your knowledge and appreciation of the History of Quebec and Canada.

 How to use this site !

Go through each of the Lessons in History starting with Module 1.

Complete the Topic Test Questions at the end of each topic and the Synthesis Test Questions at the end of each Module.

Go back over the Lesson until your able to answer the questions.

Once you have completed the Module, test yourself with the Self Scoring Module Tests.

If your still having trouble, try the Test+Tutorial , where you can get "hints" and references to the correct answers.

Don't forget the "Structured Response" type questions.

When you have completed all 7 Modules try the prototype Exams  #1, #2 or #3.

If there are Topics you still don't get, try our Search Engine to locate information.

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