Teams Games Tournament


1. Select a name for your cooperative team.

2. With your Cooperative Team, study or review 

Module:   _____  
Time : _________

Note: For each module there are two Hypercard stacks. One is titled

Module -- Review, and the other is titled 
Module -- Tournament. 

Each review consists of approximiately 35 questions from past MEQ examinations.

At this stage it is not possible to answer these questions; the answer buttons have been de-activated for this stage
of the game. The answers to the questions are to be discussed with a teammate(s) or help can be requested of theteacher.
When the team has had ( or been given) enough time to study these review questions (usually one class period is
sufficient), they proceed to the Tournament phase.

3. Move to your Tournament Team (pairs or groups of three) 
The original teams are split up and new homogeneous groups are formed.
The teacher specifies the number of questions (e.g. 10 each if there are three members per team; 15 if there are
two members per team ) that will make up the tournament phase.

Each member of the new Tournament Team receives an individual Tally Sheet which he/she brings with them.

Each member of the Tournament Team get a a chance to read and answer a question. The recorder marks points
for correct answers on the Tally Sheet. Roles and materials rotate after each turn. 

4. After the tournament, return to your Cooperative Team with your individual score.

5. Calculate a total Cooperative Team score by adding individual scores. Record the total on your Cooperative
Team Total Score Sheet, then submit to the teacher.

6. Winning teams will be recognized.

** A variation permits the teacher to allow more than one attempt per question by assigning 2 marks for a correct answer on the first attempt and 1 mark for a correct mark on a second attempt on the same question.