The Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

Learning Activity

Duration:  2 classes
Objective of the activity

To have the students measure their knowledge of the Quebec Charter through the use of a questionnaire so as to make them aware of this important tool.

Relation to the History of Quebec and Canada program
Terminal objective
7.3 To describe and explain the Quiet Revolution and subsequent years.
Intermediate Objective
7.3.3 To discuss some of the major issues (5) which have had an impact on Quebec society since the "Quiet Revolution", i.e. Social Groups Rights and Responsibilities
Necessary Materials
Package I    What is the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms ?
Package 2: List of questions - Answers

Learning context
First Class
The teacher explains that to learn more about this Charter the students are invited to respond to a series of questions (senarios), which demonstrate the impact of the Quebec Charter on their everyday lives.
In teams of two or three. each group is presented with twenty scenarios to which they respond respond with a TRUE /YES or a FALSE/NO.
Each response must include a Justification
The teacher collects the responses
Second Class
The teacher tallies the responses to each scenarios.
The groups are asked to justify their answers, with the teacher directing the students to the relevant parts of the Charter..