Organization of the Activity

3 classes

Objective of the activity

To simulate the role of the Supreme Court of Canada in applying the principles of the Charter in a Mock Trial

Relation to the History of Quebec and Canada Course
 Terminal objective

7.3  To describe and explain the quiet Revolution "' and subsequent years.

Intermediate Objective

7.3.3 To discuss some of the major issues (5) which have had an impact on Quebec society since the "Quiet Revolution", i.e. Social Groups Rights and Responsibilities.

Learning context

The teacher explains that to understand the workings of the Supreme Court the students will engage in a mock trial


First Class:

The teacher explains the role of the Supreme Court of Canada, the role of the attorneys representing each party, and the role of the judges.
The teacher divides the class into three groups representing the judges and the attorneys for each party.
Each attorney group is subdivided into 3 teams of 3 students each.  Each team is assigned potential arguments i.e. the potential arguments that need to be developed to present their case successfully to the judges.
The attorney teams begin to develop their arguments.
The judges begin to study both sides of the potential arguments.
Second Class:
The teams finalize their arguments using references to the Charter and prepare for presentation.
Third Class:
Presentations are made by each side to the judges who are encouraged to question the attorneys on their arguments
After the arguments are presented the judges return and then render their decision,