Classification Activities
A series of ready to print classification activities for Modules 1 to 7, centered around the political, social, and  economic factors of each module and its key concepts. 
Activities based on chronology are also provided for each module.
Answer guides are now available for all seven modules, English and French versions,and are found on the last page of each module. 
These classification activities were developed by Walter Baslyk, Social Studies consultant at the Lester B. Pearson School Board.
Click here for  English version 
Click here for  French version
Canadian and Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms 
Activities tied to Module 7 . Case studies, Mock Trial and Questionnaire, with copies of both Charters included. NEW
Teams Games Tournaments
A cooperative structure in which teammates study together, then individually apply their learning in a Macintosh Hypercard cooperative game. Mixed ability groups are formed to study or review learning from previous teaching. Then, equal ability groups move to Tournament Teams to compete in a game based on the learning. NEW !  Individual self-scoring exams are now available for Modules 1 to 7. Each exam consists of forty multiple choice questions with a built-in counter to track your progress. 
Ideal for Mac users with Hypercard. 
Teams Games Tournaments was developed by Walter Baslyk, Social Studies consultant at the Lester B. Pearson School Board.
Start with Module 1
Macintosh Hypercard Jeopardy style game board. Students  work individually and compete with other students or with their former performances to better their score. Each question answered leads to a tutorial. The current version contains Game 1, which is based on Module 5, as well as a blank shell which will allow teachers or students to create their own versions of Timesquares. 
Timesquares was developed by Len Harney, Social Studies consultant at the English Montreal School Board. Download now